Memo from Luangpor

I have received all the warm thoughts and good wishes from everyone. Anumotana, I rejoice your merits of well wishes. My illness has shown its signs since Songkran (13 April 2016) with conditions of fatigue, cough and an enlarged lymph node. I received my initial treatments from a hospital in Pattaya area. Later on I […]

Mindfulness and Insight Meditation Course

The 4th Mindfulness and Vipassana Course for English Speakers 7-11 September 2016 – Sri-Racha, Thailand   This Mindfulness and Insight Meditation course is organised by Luangpor Pramote’s students. Their objective is to provide the principal aspects of mindfulness and insight meditation for English speakers living in or visiting Thailand. Experienced practitioners who understand the need […]

Waking Up America

Don’t create an image in your mind of Buddhism being just about rituals and ceremonies. Buddhism is not just about rituals and ceremonies. If we study the truth of the Buddhist teachings, we’ll see that actually Buddhism is a field of study about how to develop our mind so that it can be free of suffering. Of course, there are rituals like bowing, flowers, ceremonies and all these different types of things. Yet the essence of Buddhism is about how it is that we free our mind from suffering once and for all.

If we truly understand the Buddhist teachings, what it is that the Buddha is truly teaching us, then it won’t take long in order to remove suffering from our mind. It doesn’t matter what our religion or our rituals are. If we study the Buddha’s teachings and follow them correctly, we’ll be able to free ourself from suffering. If we practice, our belief system becomes irrelevant.

Freedom from Suffering

We study the Dhamma so that we can free ourselves from suffering. The highest goal in our practice is to free our mind from suffering; otherwise, we are drowning in suffering for all time. All of those who have never had the fortune to listen to the Buddha’s teachings are stuck in suffering forever. The most we can do is relieve suffering from time to time. For example, when we are hungry, we go to eat to relieve the suffering of the hunger or when we are sick, we take medicine to relieve the symptoms. But to truly release from suffering once and for all, we have to rely on the Buddha’s teachings. When we truly understand the Dhamma within our heart then we free ourselves from suffering.

This is something we can do in this lifetime. It is not about being a good person and giving charity, and hoping that eventually one day or one lifetime we will be able to free ourselves. That is an inferior path. The Buddha’s teachings are truly special and amazing. They can release us from suffering right here right now in this moment. It is in this life that we have to free ourselves from suffering. Let us not have any expectations of future lives being any better than this one. We have to be good from right here and now. How do we know if we are really going to have future lifetimes and what are they going to be like? We may have heard from the Buddha that future lifetimes actually exist, but if we have not seen the evidence ourselves then our heart really doesn’t understand it or accept it. Waiting for future lifetimes is not very useful and also works with things that are hard to believe. The amazing thing about the Buddha’s teachings is that if we practice in accordance with the Dhamma, we can have a life right here and now, with no suffering at all. At minimum, we can have less suffering, and less and less all the time.

Dhamma Books

All books written by Luangpor Pramote are in Thai, published and distributed as free gifts of Dhamma, with the intention of preserving the Teachings of the Lord Buddha for generations to come. These books are translated into English and other languages by different people with permission from Luangpor Pramote. However as Luangpor is not fluent […]

The Buddhist Way to Peace of Mind

We are very to fortunate to be alive in a time where the genuine teachings of the Buddha are still available. And we are exemplary few who take a sincere interest in studying them. This is a special and rare opportunity… The Buddha’s Teachings are so valuable. In the beginning – as they point us […]

The Path to Enlightenment I

The Path to Enlightenment in Buddhism is entirely concerned with being mindful. There is no alternative path. To be mindful is the most direct way to free ourselves from the world of conditioned reality, the world of thinking, which hinders us from seeing the Absolute Truth. Once we can separate ourselves from the world of […]

Dhamma Video

Luangpor Pramote Pamojjo allows the working team to record video of his teachings at different locations around Thailand in an effort to distribute Buddha’s Dhamma to a wider audience. These talks are all in Thai. The team is currently working on putting the subtitles for more videos. As soon as they are available they will […]

For You the Newcomer Audio Book

“I wrote this essay as a small gift for all those who are interested in practicing Dhamma in order to convey that: Dhamma is ordinary, it is about ourselves, and can be learned by ourselves without much difficulty. So do not feel discouraged when you hear people who are well-versed in Dhamma talking about theory. […]

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