Contact and FAQs

Please use the form below to contact the team behind this website for general questions, or make appointment with the volunteer translators who are willing to provide live English translations of Luangpor Pramote’s Dhamma talks and provide assistance in English afterward. This is by appointment through the form below only.

To reach Wat Suansantidham, click here for the map and free shuttles details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Luangpor Pramote and listen to a Dhamma Talk?

Yes. However, the only opportunities to be in the presence of Luangpor are at his Dhamma talks as scheduled on the calendar. There are live translations by some volunteers, it is possible to make an appointment by contacting us through the form below.  Arriving at the temple without an appointment, one can sit and listen to the Thai version and be in the presence of Luangpor at the talk, but cannot expect any English translation.

Can I ask him a question about my Dhamma practice and/or meditation?

Yes. Check the calendar for dates where Luangpor is talking at his temple. The Q&A period is during the second Dhamma Talks by Luangpor, after breakfast break. There is no appointment needed for this. Your translator will help translate the question and answer for you. Because we need time to work on Luangpor’s suggestions and let the mind develop, he recommends asking his advice a maximum of one time every three months. IMPORTANT: Only questions about your personal Dhamma practice and its progress are welcome. This is not an opportunity to chat, show-off experiences or share opinions.

Can I receive paperback versions of books translated from Luangpor’s teachings?

Yes. Some are available for free at the temple. Contact Luangpor Pramote Teachings Media Fund Foundation through the form below if you wish to have a copy or more shipped to you

Can I stay at his temple?

There are only 6 rooms available for staying on retreat at his temple and all rooms are fully booked until end of the year.  Please follow Facebook page for news on registration opportunities (usually announced during October – November)

Can I ordain as a monk or nun at his temple?

No. The monks that stay at the temple presently are career monks. Luangpor recommends to most of his students that they practice as lay people for the early levels enlightenment, a lay person has no disadvantage over a monk or nun. If you are completely certain that monk life is for you, you may ordain somewhere else in Thailand, listen to the talks via this site and YouTube, and come once every three monks or so to listen to a Dhamma talk and get some advice with your practice. You will need to make an appointment in advance if you wish for translation of the Dhamma Talk. If you would just like advice for your practice, there is no need for an appointment. As a monk, you can listen to the Dhamma Talk in Thai, and receive translation for your question or advice after Luangpor has finished his Talk and Q&A period with the lay people.