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Luangpor Pramote’s teachings are all in Thai. Any English teachings have been interpreted by a volunteer translator simultaneously as he is teaching at Wat Suansantidham or other places.  Listen to Dhamma Talks or download the mp3 files to your computer from the album below, or subscribe to dhamma.com podcast through your favourite podcast app.


Live Interpretation of Luangpor Pramote's Teaching

Live Interpretation of Luangpor Pramote’s Teaching

“Knowing suffering is wisdom cultivation, part of the Noble Path.
The Eight-Fold Path is grouped into morality, mental training and wisdom.

Mental training is about a stable mind which I have taught a lot.
Wisdom is learning the truth of body and mind.
With mature wisdom, the truth that body and mind are suffering will be realized.
Once knowing the suffering thoroughly, desire will no longer arise.
So, once we know suffering, the cause of suffering will be eliminated.
Without desire, there is no mental struggling, no fabrications.
The mind will then experience Nirvana.
Nirvana is the condition of desire-free, ...
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Dhamma Talks in Mindfulness Courses

Neither Luangpor Pramote nor Wat Suansantidham have involved in orgainising any meditation courses or retreat. The courses below are arranged by his students who see the needs for such activities for non-Thai speakers. Dhamma teachings in the courses are also taught in Thai by assistant teachers with English interpretation.


Audio Books

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Dhamma.com YouTube Channel

Luangpor Pramote allows the working team to record video of his teachings in an effort to distribute Buddha’s Dhamma to a wider audience. These talks are all in Thai with subtitles for more videos. Not all the teachings have subtitles video available. Subscribe to Dhamma.com channel on YouTube to receive notifications when new video with subtitles are available.  If you do not see the subtitle in the video, make sure that the subtitles option is turned on by clicking at the CC option at the bottom right of the video.