Dhamma teachings by Venerable Luangpor Pramote
Luangpor Pramote’s teachings are all in Thai. Any English teachings have been interpreted by a volunteer translator simultaneously as he is teaching at Wat Suansantidham or other places.  Please bear in mind that despite our efforts there can be errors and misinterpretation by translators.
Dhamma.com Podcast

English only channel of Luangpor Pramote's sermons now are available through iTunes podcasts and RSS Feed. Subscribe to Mindfulness Dhamma Teaching in English podcast or use this feed address http://sammasati.libsyn.com/rss to subscribe through your favorite RSS reader. Both RSS feed and podcast host the same content.
Dhamma collection from Vipassana Courses led by Luangpor's assistant teachers
Neither Luangpor Pramote nor Wat Suansantidham have any involvement in orgainising meditation courses or retreats. The courses below are arranged by his students who see the benefit for such activities for non-Thai speakers. Dhamma teachings in these courses are taught in Thai by assistant teachers, and translated into English by interpreters.