Mindfulness and Insight Meditation Training II, Dec 2015

"The cause that brings mindfulness out is the ability to remember the mental and physical phenomena. The mind will remember these things when it see them often. We then need to know what's going on within the body and mind.

In the beginning, we don't have any mindfulness yet. So we need to have the intention to see the phenomena. While we're still intending, it's not the genuine mindfulness yet. We keep practicing in this way with intention at first. One day mindfulness will come up automatically. This is the type of mindfulness that we need.

Before this moment of true mindfulness, it's a practice."

"Dhamma Teaching For the Heart, Not the Head" Ajahn Prasan Buddhakulsomsiri, Day 2 - 10 December 2015 (enpsn151210A)

en151213B - Live Interpretation - Luangpor's Teaching + Q&A - 13 Dec 15 BDownload 
en151213A - Live Interpretation - Luangpor's Teaching 13 Dec 15 ADownload 
Day 4/12C - Ajahn Prasan - The Duties of a BuddhistDownload 
Day 4/12B - Ajahn Prasan - Seeing the Truth & DetachmentDownload 
Day 4/12A - Ajahn Prasan - Roadmaps for a PractitionerDownload 
en151212B - Live Interpretation - Luangpor's Teaching + Q&A - 12 Dec 15 BDownload 
en151212A - Live Interpretation - Luangpor's Teaching 12 Dec 15 ADownload 
Day 3/11C - Ajahn Prasan - The Relation Between Ethics and Mindfulness PracticeDownload 
Day 3/11B - Ajahn Prasan - Do Not Seek to Create the Perfect MindDownload 
Day 3/11A - Ajahn Prasan - Life in Harmony with Mindfulness PracticeDownload 
151211B - Live Interpretation - Luangpor's Teaching + Q&A - 11 Dec 15 BDownload 
151211A - Live Interpretation - Luangpor's Teaching 11 Dec 15 ADownload 
Day 2/10C - Ajahn Prasan - Principles into PracticeDownload 
Day 2/10B - Ajahn Malee - Experiences in Dhamma Practice : Q&ADownload 
Day 2/10A - Ajahn Malee - The Goal of Dhamma Learning and How to Get ThereDownload 
Day 2/10B - Ajahn Prasan - Principles in Mindful Movement MeditationDownload 
Day 2/10A - Ajahn Prasan - Dhamma Teaching For the Heart, Not the HeadDownload 
Day 1/09B - Ajahn Prasan - Sit with MindfulnessDownload 
Day 1/09A - Ajahn Prasan - The Middle WayDownload