The Path to Enlightenment II

Lots of my Buddhist practitioner friends like to come to have dhamma discussions with me. One of the questions asked almost on a daily basis is on how I practice dhamma, to which I have to explain the same topic day-in and day-out. To relieve myself from such task I have decided to write this book “ The Path to Enlightenment II”, so that friends who want to know how I practice dhamma can read and understand better.

The book was originally completed on July 30, 2002. As time passes, I deem it necessary to improve on the writing, making it more comprehensible, for the bene t of the general dhamma practitioners.

Phra Pramote Pamojjo – July 30, 2006

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The only path to freedom from suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path, or morality, concentration and wisdom. In brief it is mindfulness practice, or constant observation of one’s body and mind, until the mind gets insight into the truth that this body and mind are the root of all suffering. Only then will the mind eradicate craving, clinging (intense craving), the mental process of becoming (mental formation), rebirth (acquisition of sense-organs), and become liberated.