Dhamma Talks and Audio Books

Venerable Pramote Pamojjo PodcastsEnglish only channel of Luangpor Pramote’s sermons now are available through iTunes podcasts and RSS Feed. Subscribe to Mindfulness Dhamma Teaching in English podcast or use this feed address http://sammasati.libsyn.com/rss to subscribe through your favorite RSS reader. Both RSS feed and podcast host the same content.

Venerable Pramote Pamojjo (Luangpor Pramote)’s teachings are all in Thai. The Dhamma Talks available on this page have been translated by a volunteer translator. They are usually a snapshot rather than the full sermon preached to the audience.

The audio books available here are also translated from the books written by Luangpor Pramote. These books are translated with his permission and available in hard copies, PDF downloads or the audio format here.


Recent English-translated Dhamma Talks

Recent Mindfulness & Insight Course (Thai teachings with English translation)

Audio Books