How to Deal with Restlessness

This morning, a layperson who comes to help around at the temple asked me a question. It’s a good and beneficial question for almost all of us. He asked, ‘Unlike when I was a monk, being a layperson, why is it so hard to achieve the mind firmly established in awareness?’ In reality, ordination is …

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Do not fabricate mind states while practicing insight meditation

Be aware of yourself. Keep being aware of yourself comfortably. Do not fabricate your mind. Most of the time, a practitioner thinks that he or she needs to do something when practicing. When practicing dhamma, there are 2 parts, one that has to do something and one that does not. The part that has to …

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Dhamma practice

Today is Mother’s Day. I have to ask Phra Ajarn Ar again whether today is Mother’s Day. I couldn’t remember the date. For this occasion, the Clergy has assigned all temples to provide Buddha’s mantra after Evening Chanting. But you guys won’t be here until then as you will be here until 4 pm, the …

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The Way to Reach an Inner Peace

Today there are many attendants from Canada. To study Buddhism, one must first understand the concept. Buddhism answers only one question: how to be free from suffering. That’s the only thing Buddhism has an answer to. Buddhism is not just about sitting meditation to calm the mind, not to learn about the past, not to …

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Worship by practicing

As we gather here to perform a light waving rite, we have to be aware that this is not just an aimless tradition. It actually is a practice to worship Lord Buddha. Worship by practicing has nothing to do with the behavior. The essence of this tradition is to express our sincere admiration to Lord …

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Do not neglect your own mind

Dhamma is something you learn and have to practice. What our masters taught us or what we learn from the scriptures are not meant to be just for the exams. It is meant for us to practice. There are two parts, the morality, and the procedure to practice. We practice with the purpose to be …

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Don’t let the hindrances dominate the mind

Keep practicing throughout your lives. Never surrender. Sometimes you might feel bored, just being aware that you are bored. Then continue to practice. Sometimes you may feel lazy, just being aware that you are lazy. Then continue to practice. The mind may become bored or lazy; you cannot forbid it. Boredom and laziness are parts of hindrances. Therefore, don’t overlook them. We do not progress due to these hindrances. In the worldly sense, there are many distractions that obstruct worldly progress. In the spiritual sense, those hindrances obstruct the path, hindering spiritual progress. So, observe your own mind. Don’t let hindrances dominate your mind.

Pursuit of Happiness

When I got up here, those who await the homework review session feel like they are the death row inmates awaiting to be executed. I don’t know why you have to be so frightened. Learning dhamma with the presence of a master, you do not have to be overly afraid. Your masters are not cruel. …

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Be equanimous with my disciples

The Chinese are so delightful. Despite the hardship and the distance, they are so perseverant to learn. I notice that the Chinese are very purposeful. If they are not, they won’t travel a long way here. Sometimes, Thai fellows take things for granted. They feel that it is easy to come and learn. They can …

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Stop Procrastinating

It’s truly challenging to understand the middle path. Luangpor observes and find that we often sway too much, sometimes too lax, sometimes too tight. But it’s not surprising that it’s challenging to find the middle path. Prince Siddhartha also struggled to find the middle path while he was an ascetic for many years. Sometimes his …

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