Be equanimous with my disciples

The Chinese are so delightful. Despite the hardship and the distance, they are so perseverant to learn. I notice that the Chinese are very purposeful. If they are not, they won’t travel a long way here. Sometimes, Thai fellows take things for granted. They feel that it is easy to come and learn. They can …

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Suffering ends when seen with crystal clarity

When our practice is truly refined, we’ll see that other than suffering, nothing arises. Other than suffering, nothing sustains. Other than suffering, nothing falls away. It’s all just suffering that arises and falls.

Train the Mind

Today is the first time I give talk via live streaming, I have never done it this way, only via teleconference to specific group of audiences. This method provides broader coverage. I heard that the coverage is also extend to overseas audiences with ‘real time’ translation. Here in Thailand, many monasteries and households are also …

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