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Dhamma is something we need to listen to with an open mind and open heart. If we are close- minded or guarded when Dhamma is explained to us, we will not understand it correctly. Just listen with open ears and consider it later. Try it on for size. Believing everything I say certainly isn’t the right approach. It isn’t the intelligent thing to do; we shouldn’t be so gullible as to believe what others say too easily. On the other hand, dismissing what I say isn’t so smart either. Choosing to not believe what is said is just the work of a busy mind. Listen to what is said here. Try it out. We’ll see for ourselves if it is true in our experience. When we reap results from our practice we will know for ourselves what is true and what is not. This is the approach that will make us grow smarter and wiser.

Let us take a look for ourselves if what I say is true. I am saying that the arising of mindful- ness is a virtuous mental state. Let’s practice and see for ourselves which mental states are virtuous and which are not. See for ourselves if it is as I say, that genuine mindfulness will arise from watching physical and mental phenomena, that is, from watching what happens in the body and mind. Sense the body breathing in and breathing out. Know the body is sitting, standing, walking and lying down when it is. If the mind is happy, unhappy or neutral, recognize that this is so. If the mind is craving or not craving, know that this is so. If the mind is angry or not, deluded or not, restless or dispirited, know it is so.


To See the Truth, Dhamma by Luangpor Pramote Pamojjo
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