Memo from Luangpor

I have received all the warm thoughts and good wishes from everyone. Anumotana, I rejoice your merits of well wishes.

My illness has shown its signs since Songkran (13 April 2016) with conditions of fatigue, cough and an enlarged lymph node. I received my initial treatments from a hospital in Pattaya area. Later on I came to a public hospital in Bangkok for diagnosis and treatment. The lab results came yesterday (31 May 2016), concluding that it was a Lymphoma. The treatment will take about 8 months, during which the immunity system is very weak.

The physician’s recommendation, therefore, is for me to take time off from all teachings both at the temple and at any other places. The physician also recommends not to receive any visits, as it will do more harm than good.

The effort I put into teaching and (Buddhism) propagation has been intensive. Right now I’m having to take a temporary leave of absence. My request to you all is to put real interest into your practice. Certainty is not something you can expect from this world.

Don’t be worried that you won’t be able to practice. The practical Dhamma and guidance that I have passed on to you all is whole and complete. Use Critical Reflection (Yonisomanasikara) that is the analytical reasoning view into your own practice. See whether it corresponds to the Buddha’s teaching or not. If you’re really stuck, consult the individuals whom I’ve assigned as assistant teachers. Don’t take advantage of the circumstances by dilly-dallying or becoming lazy in your practice.

There’s nothing I ever wanted from you, except the good effort in your practice to ease away your own suffering and to preserve and inherit Buddhism teachings. If you think of me, think of Dhamma.



Luangpor Pramote Pamojjo
1 June 2016