Memo from Luangpor

I have received all the warm thoughts and good wishes from everyone. Anumotana, I rejoice your merits of well wishes. My illness has shown its signs since Songkran (13 April 2016) with conditions of fatigue, cough and an enlarged lymph node. I received my initial treatments from a hospital in Pattaya area. Later on I …

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Mindfulness and Insight Meditation Course

The 4th Mindfulness and Vipassana Course for English Speakers 7-11 September 2016 – Sri-Racha, Thailand   This Mindfulness and Insight Meditation course is organised by Luangpor Pramote’s students. Their objective is to provide the principal aspects of mindfulness and insight meditation for English speakers living in or visiting Thailand. Experienced practitioners who understand the need …

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Dhamma Books

All books written by Luangpor Pramote are in Thai, published and distributed as free gifts of Dhamma, with the intention of preserving the Teachings of the Lord Buddha for generations to come.

These books are translated into English and other languages by different people with permission from Luangpor Pramote. However as Luangpor is not fluent in other languages and therefore cannot verify them, please bear in mind that despite our efforts there can be errors and misinterpretation by translators.